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These 100% maple and naturally unfinished manly wooden combs glide through beard hair with a certain level of elegance. Unlike plastic combs, this wooden beauty will never transfer static to your beard. To top it off, these combs come with a true mark of manhood, a laser branded reminder to "Take Care of Your Beard™" as all true gentlemen should. Constructed from 100% maple wood, every comb's wood grain is unique and brings character to your grooming routine.

- One piece maple construction
- Both wide-toothed and fine toothed side
- Does not transfer static to the beard, which will cause hairs to stand up
- Will evenly distribute other beard grooming products through beard
- Daily combing will train beard hairs to lay down better

Directions for use:
Comb with the wide-toothed side first to get through any knots or unruly hairs without any tugging, and finish off with the fine-toothed side. Regular beard combing will train beard hairs to better lay down straight rather than curl in several different directions. Go about your day with a fantastically shaped beard!

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