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The Merkur Futur is the our flagship fully adjustable double-edge safety razor. Offering a continuously adjustable blade gaps from 1-6 the shaver can easily adjust the aggressiveness of the razor with a simple twist. Made in Solingen, Germany with world-famous Solingen steel. This razor will delivery a lifetime of close, irritation free shaves.

Upgrading to an authentic Merkur Futur Safety Razor will save you money, eliminate ingrown hairs and make shaving a pleasure. Accept no substitutes insist on MERKUR.

  • Adjusts between settings 1 - 6 with 1 being a mild narrow blade gap and 6 offering an aggressive larger blade gap
  • Easily adjusted during the shave so you can adjust the razor down to a mild setting while shaving sensitive areas such as the neck or head
  • An ideal choice for those who shave more than once a day as you can shave in the morning at a more aggressive setting but do a mild clean up shave before going out in the evening all without any irritation
  • Setting to a mild setting makes this razor perfect for head, leg or body shaving
  • Features a unique snap-cap and adjustable closed comb, straight bar-head design
  • Manufactured in Solingen, Germany since 1896

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