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The Salt and Pepper bow tie is one of the most handsome yet light and casual looking bow ties for Gentlemen. Available in dove grey, black, flax, indigo, olive, espresso and turquoise, this handmade in Vancouver linen blend neck adornment is very easy to wear with any combination of outfits. Partner it with any shirt in your repertoire: short or long sleeves, patterned or solid hues. It's like a good steak (or veggie steak), it tastes excellent no matter the accompaniment. 

These are self-tie bow ties for the purist, however they come tied, and are adjustable if you're just learning to tie. Of course, to mix it up you'll need to know/learn how to tie a bow tie. The truth is it's easy to learn (thank you YouTube), and worth the 15 minutes, given the number one question people ask bow tie wearers is... 'did you tie that yourself?

If ya like that, you'll love these.