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Regular masks keep your beard hair exposed, leaving your beard unprotected and messy. These masks also cause divots and waves in your beard (the equivalent of hat hair). 

The Beard Tarp™ is designed to provide unrestricted beard protection while keeping it looking sharp.

  • Full beard coverage with no bunching
  • The unique 3D design allows for easier breathing and better speech projection
  • Removable aluminum nose bridge for custom fit and fog-free glasses 
  • 100% soft cotton for ultimate comfort
  • 3 layers of protection + additional filter layer (with included filter insert)
  • Advanced toggle system allows for multiple setups (using interchangeable toggle pieced - included), for comfortable all-day use
  • hangs around the neck with comfortable elastic drawcord, allowing for easy and fast pull-up and pull-down ability throughout the day
  • Proudly designed and made in Canada

Important: Follow the sizing guide below for proper sizing. Once opened, masks are non-returnable.

The Beard Tarp V2 is redesigned with the highest quality locally made cotton: woven, died, cut, sewn, and packaged - all in Toronto, Canada. Our patent-pending harness system offers the customer to fit the beard tarp to their head and face in the most comfortable way. Whether that is around the ears, around the head, or in the overhead dual strap setup - you choose how to "tarp up".

To offer more protection than ever, your Beard Tarp V2 comes with a disposable 3 layer filter material insert, made from patent-pending nano-technology that is highly efficient (up to 95%) on sub-micron particles (including bacteria and viruses). Featuring a polyester outside layer and a polypropylene inner side, this filter material has the best possible filtration available.

We recommend buying a 20 pack of disposable filters for the best protection possible. 

Sizing Guide:

Measure from where the nose bridge on the Beard Tarp™ would sit, down to the bottom of your beard.

Regular: Within 6.5" 

Large: Within 9"

Please Note: Your Beard Tarp will come with 2 removable aluminum nose bridge strips, one to insert and one spare. Replacements packs are available to purchase as well.