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These fantastic carving boards are great for carving meats and also come with practical grooves carved all the way around the rims which are designed to catch the meat juices . These stunning, hand crafted olive wood boards can also be used as bread boards or serving boards.

Please note: the exact shape and size of your carving board will vary depending on the olive branch it was carved from. Length and width are normally within 2cm..

35cm(L) x 19cm(W) x 2cm(H)

Material: Olive wood
Product care: For everyday cleaning, simply wipe the surface down with a clean, damp cloth. Dry straight after cleaning. Do not submerse or leave to soak in water. Not Dishwasher Safe. To maintain the appearance of our wood over time olive oil can be re-applied using a dry lint free cloth.

Hand crafted
Food safe
Each piece is unique

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